FALL Challenge Update #2

Time to check my progress on Stephanie’s Freakin’ Awesome Legendary List (FALL) challenge. [See the last updates here and here.]

1) Take a drive to look at the changing leaves
DONE! The leaves aren’t really pretty around here, so this wasn’t the best leave-looking-drive. We did it though, so I’m marking this one off. Sometimes we just don’t get a lot of fall color around here. And turns out it isn’t just my imagination! – a local news station reported on the lack of color this year.

4) Carve a pumpkin
FAIL! Okay, not going to happen. We weren’t sure if we were going to be in town on Halloween, so we put off carving a pumpkin. When we finally decided we would be trick-or-treating at home, no one really had the time to carve anything. Well, mainly no one had to time to clean up the mess afterwards.

6) Visit a pumpkin patch
FAIL! I can’t believe it, but we didn’t visit a pumpkin patch this year. We didn’t even visit the church down the street that sells pumpkins in front of their building or the big pumpkin cardboard bin at Wal-mart. There is no pumpkin in front of our house this year.

7) Go trick-or-treating
ALMOST DONE! This will happen tonight, of course. I painted my face to look like a deer, the daughter is an old-fashioned little red riding hood, the little man is spiderman, and the husband is. . . himself.

9) Tell a ghost story
DONE! You know what I’ve discovered? Telling ghost stories is a lot of fun out in the woods around a campfire in the middle of the night. It is a lot of fun while driving down a dark and deserted road. It is a lot of fun going through a hayride in a cemetery (what? Your church didn’t do that when you were a kid?). It is not a lot of fun while sitting in your living room. You know what is a lot of fun while sitting in your living room? Watching ghost stories on television. I’m counting this one as done.

13) Wear an adorable knitted hat
COMING SOON! The weather dropped from 80-85 degrees earlier this week to a high of 60 tomorrow. My hats will be coming out soon. I might even put one on tonight; it is pretty chilly.

14) Roast pumpkin seeds
Since we didn’t carve, we don’t have seeds to roast. Total fail on this one.

15) Create a fall-themed wreath
DONE! Look at my masterpiece!
This wreath idea and leaf templates came from LiaGriffith.com. I didn’t take any in-process photos because all I really did was cut leaf shapes out of paper and glue them on a purchased wreath form. This is the kind of wreath DIY sites like to say you can “make out of things sitting around your house!” Well I don’t know about you, but I don’t keep wreath forms and random sheets of paper around the house. I did easily procure the supplies for under $10 at a local craft store though. I was pretty haphazard with my paper choices and wanted to mix in neat textures too. You could easily make this look any way you want.

18) Make food that tastes delicious, but looks like something scary or disgusting
I’m making bleeding finger hot dogs tonight.



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