Quirks and Confessions

If you catch me standing around at work or at an event, 99% of the time I will have my hands on my hips. I wish I could say I look casual or even authoritative. But no, I’m full on Peter Pan. Feet spread apart, palms out, goofy look on my face. If I cross my arms, it gets even worse.

I rarely shave my legs anymore. Hair removal irritates my keratosis pilaris and I would rather be hairy than irritated. This has not stopped me from wearing dresses almost every day though.

I have a freckle on my foot that I hate so much I remove it from photographs if it can be seen. This doesn’t make any sense as I am covered in freckles. I have no desire to remove any others, but this one little mark just has to go.

When we moved to this city and I went to the DMV to get an updated license, the worker asked if I still weighed [x]. Turns out my weight hadn’t been updated since I got it at the age of sixteen (and I lied then). Knowing that I clearly no long weighed anywhere near that number and she could plainly see that too, I broke out in uninhibited laughter. Then I lied about how much I weigh now. Just a little.

If you see me walking around with my headphones on there is a 99.99% chance my phone is in my bra. It is just so convenient.



  1. Your phone carrying area is the same as my Hungarian grandma’s coin purse carrying area! I used to keep my pager (set on vibrate only) there when I was on call on Sunday mornings; I would levitate several inches if it went off, which was no doubt astonishing to those around me.

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