Big Bang Birthday

We had a family birthday party for the little man on Sunday. Since his favorite television show in the whole wide world is The Big Bang Theory, we decided to use that for a theme. We do family parties for the kids about an hour away for home where the majority of the family lives; any decorations we plan have to be portable or easily created with supplies we can fit in the car. Sometimes this is a challenge.

This year, we kept the decorations low-key and depended on helium-filled balloons to create the party atmosphere. Mom Tip #1 – If you need to make a room “party-ready” on the cheap, get a bunch of latex balloons and let them float all over the ceiling. Instant party.

We were pretty pleased with the results.

The food table. Arguably, the most important part of a party. Do you see the tiny posable Sheldon?



Close-up of the cupcakes. We simply printed out some science-related vector art, taped them to toothpicks, and. . . personalized cupcakes! We also cut corners on the cupcakes this year. I highly suggest Sam’s for tasty, cheap, cupcakes if you need a quick fix.

Mom Tip #2: Fancy cakes are fun and taste delicious, but when it comes right down to it no one is going to be disappointed with tasty store-bought. 




For the rest of the treats, we use some of our favorite things from the show. These also served as take-aways in place of goodie bags.

First up, Meemaw’s Moon Pies because Sheldon’s Meemaw calls him her Moon Pie. These were the double-decker variety.



Next, Sheldon’s Red Vines. Okay, so those are clearly Twizzlers. Sam’s didn’t have a big package of Red Vines and to avoid making another stop we compromised. Sheldon’s quote about Red Vines vs. Twizzlers is actually “They have Twizzlers instead of Red Vines. No amount of lumbar support can compensate for that.” We adopted this quote instead, “Excuse me, in what universe are Slurpies Icees?”



Howard’s Fruit Loops after his astronaut nickname. If our party was lunch-based, I would have substituted Howard’s Mom’s Brisket.


Raj was a little bit harder. We ended up going with a can’t talk to girls unless he is drunk thing and got bottled root beer. People didn’t immediately make the connection, but they loved the root beer.


Penny Blossoms! Another stretch here – I hoped to find flower cookies that might resemble Penny’s hair accessory business, but went with the flower-reminiscent toys instead.


Leonard might not get the more interesting station, but it just as important.


Last but not least, the whole gang ready for their photo op.




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