Saturday Review: Phantom of the Opera

Unexpectedly, I enjoyed the show. I do love a good play, musical or otherwise, but I don’t particularly care for the “classics.” I have a soft-spot for Cats, which I saw as a child. And the music in Les Miserables is so awesome you don’t realize the play is way too long and kind of boring. That is as far as I venture into what many people would call the “must-see” shows.

My husband – a Phantom fan – didn’t really expect me to enjoy it either and was pleasantly surprised when I enjoyed myself.

This is a new stage show. Since my husband saw the original show, I asked him to compare. According to him, the new version has updated costumes. The sets have a bit more grit than the glitz of the 80s. A little googling also tells me it has new choreography.

As a group, we had difficultly understanding all of the words to the songs. It seems unlikely the performers or band were off-their-game, so we may have had seats in a weird song vortex.

We took our eleven-year-old daughter; she thought it was okay, but wasn’t rushing off to tell her friends about it or anything.


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