Like A Ninja

I have another BIG DEAL ALERT to share about the little man.

He has been in his new pre-k class for about a month now and – of course – loves playing with all the kids his own age. The kids in his class are all great to him and his teachers are wonderful. Last week, the little man made another big advance on the social front.

He pretended to be a ninja with a group of little boys. This is the first time he has ever played like that. If you remember, the last time the little man had a big advancement in the play world was with his move from the infant room to toddler classroom – in that case, he began to pretend he was talking on the phone.

Anyway, the little man wanted to play with his friends. When the teacher gave him his own ninja mask, he put his little tiny fists in the air like he was punching. They took a photo of it for us and I wish I could share it here. It is just awesome.

Until now, the little man really loved playing with other kids, but it usually amounted to them bringing him toys, or tossing a ball to him, or him simply being in their area and enjoying their company. This is a whole new level of play.

I am constantly amazed by his progress.

Watch out world!


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