Tomorrow is my birthday. [There will be cake.] To celebrate, I want to share thirty-one things I am thankful for on my thirty-first birthday.

1. For my friends and family. I’m not going to cheat here and list them individually. I’m thankful for all those people out there I love. And my dogs too, those smelly little balls of annoying mischief.

2. For the little man’s therapists. We are very lucky to have some amazing people working with our son. They love him almost as much as we do.

3. For having enough. Even if I sometimes want more.

4. For coffee. Because, duh.

5. For the ability to help others. I’m a big donate-er and volunteer-er. I don’t always have the money, but I can [usually] make some time.

6. For having my husband’s talents recognized. He worked a very long time for an awesome promotion. I’m glad it paid off in the end.

7. For cooler weather. My birthday begins a countdown to winter and the holiday season (my holiday season begins with Halloween and skips right over that pesky Thanksgiving). My favorite time of year!

8. For Junior League. I love my league ladies.

9. For Netflix. Because I can’t imagine trying to amass a collection to rival it’s selection.

10. For Ulta and TJ Maxx. My two favorite browsing (and buying) stores. A great place to decompress after a stressful day.

11. For health. No explanation needed here.

12. For Friday nights. Friday nights are my blow-off nights. Absolutely no thinking allowed – I don’t even like to watch new television shows of movies on a Friday. The whole family has adopted my Friday-way (well, except the no new shows part) and it rocks.

13. For trashy television. Yeah, I freely admit it – I watch a lot of trash.

14. For scary television. Love it!

15. For the little man’s ability to say “mom.” It melted my heart the first time he looked at me and was able to say mom. It just happened a few months ago. It was a huge step for him.

16. For burritos. A favorite food of mine; the perfect delivery system for almost any filling.

17. For my daughter’s confidence. She is growing into an amazing person.

18. For snuggles. I especially love those times we curl up on the couch during our Friday night blow-off time.

19. For cold ears. A bad habit I developed as a kid, but so comforting.

20. For great teachers. My daughter as always had excellent teachers that have been able to motivate her. I know I would never have the patience to teach her all they do.

21. For being supported. I’ve decided that you really can’t be happy in life if you aren’t supported. That doesn’t mean someone caters to your every whim; it just means you have people around you to help you through all the good, bad, and in-between times.

22. For Mister Rogers. You would not believe the little man’s smile when Mister Rogers walks through the door of his television home. He is a staple of our television watching

23. For Are You Being Served? One of my favorite shows since I was a kid (yay, PBS!). I own the entire series and love to watch my favorite department store workers. They can always make me smile.

24. For books. Because, duh.

25. For hummus. Because, yum.

26. For being calm. Calm is a difficult state for me to achieve sometimes. I am very thankful for those moments I am able to pull it off and recharge.

27. For harpsichords. Classical music is a great way to help me find my calm. Harpsichords are my happy place.

28. For the ability to travel. I have to keep my wanderlust in check somehow. I am very thankful that I have the means to travel . . . at least occasionally.

29. For Girl Scouts. My daughter has never been a big after-school activity kind of person, but has been doing Girl Scouts for several years. I love the companionship she gets from the other girls and the thrill she gets from trying new things.

30. For colorful socks. Embrace the whimsy.

31. For writing this blog. My ultimate stress relief. I’ve connected with some pretty amazing people – you can’t beat that!



  1. What a great start to my Monday morning – and what a great idea! I’m turning thirty-five (eep) in a couple of weeks and I think I’ll start my own thankfulness list 🙂

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