Saturday Review: My Monopoly

Disclaimer: I received a My Monopoly game from for free for review purposes.

My Monopoly is a classic board with classic cards, but also with the added twist of being able to personalize all of the board locations and some of the cards. It comes with stickers and blank tiles. You can then print off your own photos using their app or website. There is no extra charge to use their website, but you do need to have the ability to print quality images at home.

I’m a board game fan and a Monopoly fan. We already own a traditional board (from the 80s probably) and a Doctor Who edition. No, we don’t play it very often. No, I don’t think we will play with this board very often either.

Pro: I had loads of fun making this game. Really, I thought it would be a hassle, but was pleasantly surprised. Most the time, I could be heard giggling to myself about my choices. The website gave you the ability to pull photographs over from facebook – a bonus, in my opinion, since many of the photos I like best end up on facebook. It shortened my photo-looking time down dramatically; I picked out what I liked there and then sought out additional photos from my computer files. Another pro – there are enough stickers provided use the opposite side of the tiles for a WHOLE OTHER GAME! Yes! You can make two My Monopoly boards out of this one set.

Neutral: The photograph interface was a little clunky. I never could figure out how to make it pull photos automatically from Instagram like it did from Facebook. I don’t consider these cons, as they slowed the process, but didn’t hamper my creation too much. Some of the photos didn’t print quite lined up the stickers leaving a slight white line on the side. Not very noticeable, but still something to mention. Also, once you create your sticker place tiles, they fit into spaces on the board but are loose enough to fall out of you tilt it. This is good because it means you can keep changing your board around, but it is also a bit of a hassle as you have to put it together every time you want to play.

Con: The photos printed fairly matte and some ink rubbed off of my hands while I was putting it together. I don’t know how much wear this will realistically stand up to and I’m assuming a liquid spill during a particularly rowdy game will leave a mess. I’d love to see glossier photo stickers.

Verdict: Super fun. Especially great for families and anyone wanting to own a piece of their own personal fandom Monopoly world.

My favorite personalization? Glad you asked. I created a community chest card with a photo of the little man playing in a box. The card awarded you a small amount of money, so I captioned it “You sold your box!”



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