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The Daughter: [She still doesn’t have a fun blog nickname. I’m just not creative enough.]
She started sixth grade; it has been good, but a little bumpy. Apparently, the entire grade spent the first week utterly confused by their lockers. I get it, that lock is pretty weird the first time you encounter one. Tardies were had all around, but the teachers understood. Another adjustment – she just switched from two teachers to eight individual periods. Again, another shock for the sixth graders.

I think she is adjusting well here too, but the homework load has been fairly heavy. I feel like they are being asked to tackle junior high-level activities with middle school-level work ethics. We will all have to make sure she is able to stay on top of things. And ugh, math. The daughter is in advanced math. At her school that means she bypassed sixth grade math and moved straight into seventh grade concepts so there is a lot of learning multiple steps at once. Apparently, I needed sixth grade math because I’m pretty lost.

She starts archery tomorrow and a jewelry-making class next week. Girl Scouts also starts back up this week, so her week is pretty busy. Archery and jewelry-making are both after-school activities. I don’t count those to her “one activity + Girl Scouts” limit since it only means I have to pick her up an hour later.

The Little Man:
No real update here, he is as happy as ever. He has officially stepped up into pre-k at his school. That means the next year is the big K and. . . I don’t really know what that means. His health is holding steady, so it is time to start meeting with the school district to see what kind of placement we are looking at next year.

If I’m going to make his update all about me – and it is my blog, so I can do that – it feels extremely odd at this age. I have many friends and acquaintance with children starting kindergarten (for those who didn’t get an early start on kids, this is a pretty common age to have). I don’t get invited into conversations about kindergarten. Sure, I can (and will) insert myself if I want to join, but it is just a bit depressing to have another reminder how different the little man’s childhood really is. I mean, he will be starting kindergarten too. I have a lot of the same concerns and fears (although admittedly, many of mine are very different). I guess I just want someone to pretend our life is normal . . . just for a minute. Okay, whine over.

Sick and busy pretty much sums up the last few weeks for me. Well, I’ve only been sick for the last week, but [as of writing this sentence anyway] I’m considering going to the doctor. This seems to have lasted way too long for a simple cold. At this point, I’m just waiting for the holidays to get here. Everything is easier at Christmastime.

Yeah, that sounds like a big downer. Really we are just super busy and haven’t yet adjusted to the new back-to-school schedule. It will calm down soon, I’m sure. The big things on the family list are 1) finish getting stuff ready for the big children’s consignment and drop them off, 2) finish up the financing paperwork for the new siding and windows and 3) finish the little man’s huge paperwork update. The big things on my personal list are 1) finish reading through this Central High stuff, 2) draft an article for the local history publication, and 3) make a plan to finish up the Junior League archival stuff currently stored in my bedroom. All quite do-able.


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