Special Tacky Sister Saturday Review: Paula’s Choice 8% AHA Gel

One of the perks to having a sibling is being able to blame them for things you know darn well you shouldn’t have done or just down right didn’t need to do. It took me nine years of being an only child before I found my best friend who became that sibling that I could blame things on. And despite being an adult, I still blame her for things. I have those missed years to make up for after all. The latest being my subscription to Birchbox, which I love. (But don’t tell her. She likes to rub things in.) She threatened me and said I couldn’t have another glass of wine until I got a subscription! And THEN proceeded to drink the rest of the bottle by herself.*

Something I can’t blame her for though is the condition of my face. Wonderful hormones that still cause me to break out, despite being said adult, and years of spending summers outdoors by the pool sans sunscreen have caused some rather unsightly discolorations and scars. Since Birchbox is so cool, they sent me a sample of Paula’s Choice 8% AHA Gel.gel

Pro: This gel is the easiest and most carefree exfoliant I’ve ever tried. Just apply right before you put your moisturizer on and done. No waiting, no rinsing. No muss, no fuss. And it only takes a very small amount so it lasts a really long time. I’m still working on the sample Birchbox sent me back in May, which makes it well worth the $24.00 price. But my biggest brag on this product, it heals up my acne spots so much faster! I’m a picker. I can’t help it. I do it without even thinking about it. I don’t have to pick though when those spots don’t hang around so long. Nor do I have to spend as much time feeling self-conscious about an ugly scab on my pretty, little, angelic face.

Neutral: As awesome as this gel sounds, it isn’t an overnight miracle cream. You do have to use it for at least a week before you’ll start to see some improvement. The longer you use it the better you look obviously. If you can’t handle this issue then I challenge you to find me a real miracle cream. They don’t exist. All good things take time.

Con: If you have really sensitive skin you might want to get a trial size and try it out first. It is, after all, an exfoliant. You might end up with some redness or peeling from it. Parts of my face can be sensitive but I’ve yet to experience any of these negativities. Also, if you have an open wound (like if you’ve been picking at your face) you might want to steer clear of that spot because it will sting. Believe me. I know. It hasn’t stopped me from using this gel though.

Verdict: Totally worth being threatened by my sister and becoming addicted to a box.

*Complete dramatization


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