A Day In The Life, Mom/Daughter Edition

On Monday, I needed to take our daughter to back-to-school-check-in and get some glasses fixed so I no longer lived in a crazy carnival world. I decided to take the entire day off of work and – since the girl and I don’t get a day just the two of us very often – decided to do a lot of the things on our to-do list.

Speaking of back to school, Playfullytacky has joined forces with a few others blogs to do a pretty excellent giveaway. Stay tuned for details.

So, back to Monday. Here is the rundown of our back-to-school-extravaganza:

First, we slept in, just a bit. No day off is complete without a little extra sleep. The house is so quiet after our typical morning rush. After finally getting up and getting ready, we made it out the door by 9am. Not too bad.

Our first stop was the eye doctor. I picked up glasses with a new prescription last week and they are . . . odd. I have a weird fun-house thing going on with all five pairs. Yes, five pairs. We used to have insurance that paid for frames every year; I stocked up and take good care of them. so I’ve only lost a few over the years. A rush order on some new lenses and hopefully I’ll be back to normal by the end of the week.

They were busy, but not like it usually is in the afternoon. We made it back to my daughter’s school for check-in by 10:30. Now, it really annoys me that her school insists on doing these required things during business hours. We had to check-in today sometime between 9-4. I’m lucky to have a job that allows me to do that, but I’m sure it is very stressful for a lot of people. Okay, mini rant over.

The daughter is going into six grade, which means major changes at her school. She was extremely disappointed because they didn’t let her decorate her locker today. I was extremely disappointed because they didn’t allow us to bring some of the larger, extra supplies. We were both disappointed because she didn’t receive her schedule. The first day might be a shock – she is moving to seven individual periods for the first time.

All of the disappointment was soon forgotten when she found out the archery team is now open to 6th grade. The girl took a liking to archery in Girl Scouts and has been waiting for the opportunity to join their team. Depending on how many sign up, they may not do tryouts for 6th graders and just take them all. I have my fingers crossed for her.

After doing a mass of paperwork with the other frazzled parents at school, we headed to TJ Maxx to buy a birthday gift and then to Michaels to buy some cheap t-shirts. As usual, the girl’s school didn’t have enough uniform shirts and she needs plain t-shirts to wear while they order more. We finished the morning off with a trip to our favorite local 50s-themed-nostalgic burger joint for lunch.

After lunch, we made a quick stop to get her hair trimmed. Then we went off-budget to get our nails done. Nothing wrong with a little mom-daughter quality time.

One final stop at Target to get the rest of her school supplies. It was a mess after the tax-free weekend. Those employees were fighting a losing battle trying to get that place organized. Just thinking about tax-free weekend makes me shudder; I avoid it every single year.

By 2pm the heat was getting to us. We headed home and I briefly considered going into work. I was stressed out about work I needed/wanted to finish before leaving town next week, but I settled on just checking my email from home. I didn’t seem like I was missing much.


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