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Just random thoughts and updates today. I have a few more put-together posts in the works, but haven’t had time to flesh them out yet.

-I have been writing a lot lately – not for, but for a history publication. I grossly messed up the deadline and ended up with just two weeks to bang it out. Actually, the publication deadline is today, so let’s hope I’ve emailed it by the time you are reading this [edit: I did!]. If not, I’m probably off having a minor panic attack somewhere [edit: I’m not!]. Yeah really, not a joke.

-We took a mini-vacation last weekend. It wasn’t anything special, but was really great for the kids. It didn’t help me with my writing deadline, although it did help me meet my country food quota for the year. Everyone left with something that made them happy: Mr. Tacky purchased fancy shaving products and indulged in homemade peanut brittle; the daughter grabbed a new t-shirt and school clothes; the little man got a cute pair of pajamas and stole his sister’s rainbow lightsaber; I fell in love with a skull cardigan. But the biggest news is that Mr. Tacky rode his first real roller-coaster. He was terrified. Photo from

-I’m headed to DC in a couple of weeks for a conference. I don’t travel alone very often, so I’m a bit nervous. It will be good though; I always come back from conferences feeling really energized about my career and I could use a bit of that right now. I do plan to squeeze in some sightseeing too.

-My blog stats have been exploding lately. First with “Things to Know About Being an Archivist” and then as “Things to Know About Introverts” came from behind to claim first place. It is pretty exciting, but those posts are so specialized they don’t really reflect they everyday nature of my blog. I don’t know if will result in any new regular followers.




  1. I was excited to see all of the comments on your introvert post! It was very insightful and well written. I’m glad several have enjoyed it. Congrats!

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