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voiceI Know That Voice (2013)

From Wikipedia:I Know That Voice is a documentary about voice acting . . . It is narrated by John DiMaggio,[1] the voice of Bender on Futurama, and stars John DiMaggio and many other voice actors, including Billy West, Tara Strong, Tom Kenny, Rachael MacFarlane, and Mark Hamill.”

My thoughts: Super good! I loved hearing from all of the animation voices I know from over the years. I especially enjoyed hearing all of the difficult work that went into each cartoon or film and about the difficulty of recording for video games. I recommend this for sure!

E-mail Order BrideNGC-US: Ep. Code 3979Email Order Brides (National Geographic)

From National Geographic: “Email Order Brides takes viewers inside the emotional and bizarre subculture of arranged marriages between American men and Russian women. This program follows newlyweds Dave and Anna, as the husband and mail order wife team attempt to make this unconventional form of match making mainstream. Their family business takes American men on a heart pounding and sometimes incredibly awkward journey to find true love in the former Soviet Block. With unprecedented access inside this taboo world, viewers will experience the emotional and bizarre subculture of arranged marriages between American men and Russian women.”

My thoughts: Um. . . this was bizarre. I nearly turned it off when the man running the U.S. side of the agency talked about his Russian wife not being 50 pounds overweight like an American woman her age. He was – of course – probably 50 pounds overweight himself. With the exception of one, the men were pretty off-putting (whether down right misogynistic or just awkward). On top of that, it just wasn’t very good. So, pass on this one.

junkieTV Junkie (2006)

From IMBD: “Rick Kirkham was a successful TV reporter, and could have been a major U.S. television profile if it hadn’t been for his massive drug and alcohol abuse. Kirkham filmed his life every day with a video camera from the age of 14 years. On the basis of his video material the story of his life is told in this documentary.”

My thoughts: This was painfully raw and at times difficult to watch. If you want to see a family living the so-called “American Dream” while dealing with drug addiction, this is the film to watch. Kirkham was a functional drug addict for much as the film and things slowly began to unravel and then plunge downward. It stayed with you for the rest of the evening – as a good documentary should. Highly recommended!


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