Saturday Review: Dear by Enprani “Dreams Come True” Bounce Cheese Cream

wpid-20140719_084059.jpgI got this in the very first Memebox I purchased and instantly fell in love. This is the third jar I’ve used (and I only have one left in reserve! oh no!) and I would gladly adopt it as my regular daily moisturizer if I could purchase it locally.

Pro: First of all, how can you resist trying something called “bounce cheese cream?” The unique thing about this cream is the texture. It really is bouncy, but instead of trying to explain, I’ll just show you:


How cool is that?! It stretches pretty far, but this was the best I could photograph all by myself. I love that I can quickly scoop a little onto my finger and screw the lid back on the tub without making a mess. It blends into the skin flawlessly and keeps my moisturized all day. I’ve also found that it soaks into the skin pretty quick and I’m not waiting as long to start my makeup routine.

Neutral: None!

Con: It is a Korean beauty product that cannot be purchased locally. On top of that, I’ve only been able to find it for sale on one site that I know to reputable (very important when buying any cosmetics online, but especially foreign cosmetics).

Verdict: Highly recommended! You can buy it from Korea Depart if you want to give it a try. $25 for 75ml. You are also welcome to buy me some, as I will soon run out.



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