My [imaginary] office

When we moved into this house seven years ago, I had an office – a cozy office with a great big desk. When the little man joined the family, I had to [willingly] vacate my office and set back up in a small odd corner of the kitchen/dining area. Oh, how I miss that office.

I like to think that one-day we will be able to move into a larger house and I will once again have my office. In keeping with that fantasy, I’d like to take you on a little decorating journey. Here are the components of my future, fantasy office:

-A big desk, with just a little storage. I prefer to store things outside of the desk.

-A comfortable office chair for writing and working.

-A large storage unit with hide-holes everywhere.

-A large comfortable chair to curl up in for reading and thinking.

-A large lamp giving off a soft light just in one corner.

-Unique art that speaks to my personality.

Here is how that plays out in reality:

Playfullytacky's Office Re-do


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