Saturday Review: Method Laundry Detergent

laundry_8loadI got a small bottle of Method laundry detergent in the regular fresh air scent for free from Method is a concentrated detergent, so it takes less liquid per load. It comes in a pump bottle that you can pump directly into the washing machine.

Pro: It cleans great and smells nice. Pumping the detergent right into the washer means no rinsing out a wet cup or drips on my shelf.

Con: I had problems with the pump. I’m unsure if these are problems just with the small bottle, just with my bottle, or overall. . so I’m just going to share them here. When I first used the bottle, I followed the instructions on the back that said how many pumps to use for what size load. Then a few days later, I noticed a lot more detergent coming out with each pump. Then it went back to less, then mixed, etc.

Then I began to question how much was supposed to come out with each pump. Was I using too much? Too little? Was it supposed to be variable like that? I don’t like to question my laundry detergent.

Verdict: I liked the detergent, but I’m unsure if I would buy more due to my pump questions. I’ll put this one in the maybe category.


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  1. I think the pumps are just wonky. Our last one died on us completely so we did some math and figured out that 1tbsp of soap is about what the same number of pumps comes out to for an average load. It’s not as neat as the pump but it works. I like the soap enough that occasionally having to measure isn’t a deal breaker for me.

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