Taking Time to Think

I made a decision [insert cheers here]: the rest of 2014 is going to be my time to think. Most of my life I spend just going, going, going – not feeling like I’m accomplishing anything if I’m not moving at top speed. Finish something and move right on to the next one in my list. Nothing to do? Well, time to add an obligation or a project or a commitment. Always striving for the next thing.

I’m tired.

If you remember my post from a couple of weeks ago, you know that I’m kind of in a weird head space right now. I’m in-between (something that doesn’t fit in with the first paragraph of this post). After a couple of months floundering and grasping at straws for my “next big thing,” I had a lovely conversation with a former professor, now a friend and mentor. I came away from the conversation with quite a few things to consider for my future and – perhaps the most important thing – the impression that maybe I just needed to chill for a while. I’m in the perfect position to take my time and really find my best option.

So that is what I’m going to do.

My current plan is not to plan, but to think. I am going to follow-up with some research opportunities and write a couple of articles on my to-do list, but overall I’m going to spend my free time exploring the things I enjoy. I have a few questions I hope to answer:

1) A PhD isn’t required for my field. Is my desire to get more education really the best move? Could I handle not taking that next step or would I regret it? Playfullytacky, MA, CA, [PhD?]

2) What do I want to learn more about and where do my skills need improvement? Are there individual courses I could take that would fulfill that need?

3) What steps are the most important to reach my long-term career goals?

4) What steps best fit with our long-term family plans?

5) Do I want to write another book? People always ask me when I plan to write another and I think it is probably time to figure out some sort of answer.

6) Do we want to have more kids? Whoa, yeah. Kind of surprised you with that one! Mr. Tacky and I have been discussing more kids for a while. We are pretty wibbly-wobbly on it. The little man is enough to handle right now, but he will be starting school fall 2015 freeing up some time. My hormones say yes, but my brain says “hey now, let’s talk about this.” So, I’ll think on it.

Yes, big surprise. This introvert decided to be alone with her thoughts for a while.


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