Saturday Review: Philosophy Purity

Purity made simple_16oz_Scene7I recently found myself in possession of a free 1 oz. sample bottle of Philosophy Purity Made Simple facial cleanser (regular price 3 oz./$10). I use a Lancome foaming cleanser at home, but don’t usually travel with it so I like to have small bottles of other things around for trips. I’ve used most of this bottle and have some thoughts.

Pro: It easily removes my makeup in one nice step. I forgot my eye makeup remover one weekend and this did a pretty good job at removing that pesky black eyeliner and mascara. It doesn’t irritate my skin.

Neutral: It doesn’t foam. Not a deal breaker for me, but I’m going to assume there are other foaming-cleansers-lovers out there who would want to know.

Con: It stinks. I imagine it just doesn’t contain fragrance, but I really didn’t enjoy spreading it all over my face in the vicinity of my nose.

Verdict: I’ll use the rest of the bottle, but this will not be on my to-buy list.


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