Art, Alcohol, and Amazeballs (Day 1)

My husband planned a weekend 12th anniversary celebration and managed to keep it a complete secret for months. Well, he said “months,” but he could be exaggerating.

Last Monday, I was quickly informed I would be leaving work at noon on Friday (already approved by my boss!). The husband thought about surprising me, but realized how stressed I would be to suddenly leave work without finishing up my plans for the week.

When I got home, he had a suitcase half packed ready for me to finish off and he finally revealed the surprise – we were heading to Bentonville for a nice relaxing weekend at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Crystal Bridges – a world class art museum thanks to Walmart $$$ – opened in 2011 and I have been talking about how much we needed to go see it since the very beginning. Yes, it took us this long to drive 3 ½ hours.

We got off to a very slow start because of some vicious rain, but overall the drive wasn’t bad. We checked in at the 21c Museum Hotel with just enough time to spare before our dinner reservation. This hotel was amazing – part hotel, part museum, part civic center. The first floor museum space is open 24/7 and the rooms upstairs are the kind of contemporary modern that I just love.




Even better? The Museum Hotel has an art installation of twelve green penguins that are moved throughout the hotel. Here is one of the little guys. But more on that later this week.



We had dinner at The Hive in the hotel. I had a delicious hamburger with tomato jelly and pimento cheese with homemade fries. I will say though, the pimento cheese did not beat out Capital Grill for my #1 pimento cheese spot. That stuff is amazing. We may have seen Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes walking through the restaurant to a special separate room. That was odd. Anyway, we skipped dessert, but our check came with sour apple cotton candy. I don’t know if you know this – I sure didn’t – but sour apple cotton candy is amazingly delicious.

My husband surprised me with the Tiffany ring from my X = XXXI wishlist post. I honestly didn’t create that post thinking I would receive anything from it – these are not the kind of gifts we give each other. We are budget and limit people. It is amazing. I catch myself just looking at it sometimes.

We finished the nice off with a couple of drinks in the bar. It was extremely busy as they were having a monthly weekend event, so the people watching was prime.

Then we crashed into bed like the old people we are.


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