Saturday Review: Smashbox green primer

Adjust (green)Smashbox primers are – by definition – excellent. If you have never tried one, you can test the water with a small $10 tube. Beware though; the full-size primers are $30-$40. Once you try them, it is hard to go back to another brand. Avoid them at all costs if you aren’t prepared to make the commitment or to be disappointed in your current primer.

Don’t wear primers? Really? Get thee to a makeup counter. It will change your life.

Green balances red and I’ve been using green concealers for years to tame my constantly red cheeks. This has never been the best solution for several reasons: 1) it takes a lot of concealer to tone down redness on my entire face, 2) I’m looking to blend and work with the redness, not really conceal it, 3) heavy concealer doesn’t fit in with my light bb cream and powder daily routine.

As more and more green primers popped up on beauty aisles, I realized I should probably ditch my concealer and move on to something more reliable. So began the great green primer trials of 2014. I know I just sang the praises of Smashbox in the first paragraph, but I was hesitant to move straight on to their green primer – I just really hate the price tag.

So I tried a couple of drugstore options. They were fine, but didn’t offer me anything other than my regular primer (a $15 Sephora option). I bit the bullet and ordered the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correction Foundation Primer in Adjust (the green one) when Beauty Brands was running a promotion for an awesomely huge free bag full of sample/travel sizes with prestige cosmetic purchase. I should have taken a photo of the mass of free products in that bag. You would be jealous..

Suddenly the clouds parted and the angels started to sing.

So what does the Smashbox Adjust do for me? For starters, it is an excellent primer. Goes on smooth, leaves your skin feeling like new, and lasts all day. Most importantly, it blends my red cheeks in a way that works with my coloration instead of just trying to cover it. My face looks more even overall. I don’t have to use a heavier BB Cream to get results and my blush looks like something I applied intentionally (instead of trying to apply it to work around the already red cheeks – it has been years since I’ve been able to get magazine-style blush application).

And don’t worry, it isn’t hard to blend the green isn’t your skin. It goes on clear almost immediately.


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