The Big Easy, Cont.

Friday was full of sessions and work, so I didn’t take a lot of photos. Here is my short run-down:

My day started at a working breakfast with the professional development committee. I only had a latte – I am still just so full from everything else I’ve eaten. Great meeting though.

Then sessions. Actually, during this time I attended one of the best sessions of my time here. The kind you walk away from saying, “Yep. That was good.” Or whatever it is you say if you aren’t me.

Next up was a working lunch with the publications committee. We ended up at the Country Flame and I had a chicken burrito. Are you upset by the number of non-cajun meals I’ve eaten? Eh, I live in the south. It might not quite be up to New Orleans’s quality, but I can get that stuff anytime. The burrito was good.


Then more sessions and I staffed one of the information desks for a hour. Always helpful! Next up – Cafe Beignet. Nope, not Cafe du Monde. I don’t have the patience for that place.

I was alone, so the order of three was really too many. I ate two though and walked away without room for another bit. How about a close-up of that beautiful powdered sugar? Just enough powdered sugar once you picked it up and let the extra fall off. Unlike some unnamed place ::cough:: Cafe du Monde ::cough:: that seems to be single-handedly keeping the powdered sugar industry afloat.


Then a short break before the evening reception that I spent in the bar (writing this blog entry) and drinking a Cucumber Gin Fizz. I didn’t love it, but that is what experimenting is all about.

Dinner was a reception at Historic New Orleans Collection. Technically, it was only hors d’oeuvres, but we made a dinner out of it. I was too tired and wet from yet another downpour to take any photos. Here is one of their courtyard from


I was back in the hotel room by 8pm with a cup of decaf and some television to watch. Ahhhhh.

Saturday was technically the last day of the conference, but we had to leave before the last session because of the long trip home. Breakfast business meeting then on the road again. I was so thrilled to sleep in my own bed again.


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