Saturday Review: Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll

MayJune2014Cover72dpiThis isn’t usually the kind of thing I would review on my blog, but Jennifer Carroll Media was looking for bloggers to review the one-year anniversary issue of Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll and I was sucked right in by the photo of coconut cake on the front. That is hands-down one of my favorite kinds of cake (and in a tight race with german chocolate for the #1 spot). Full disclosure – I received complimentary digital access to this issue in exchange for the review. Opinions are my own.

I hadn’t heard of Celebrating Everyday Life before, so I approached this issue as my introduction to the magazine. I’m not a big cooker, crafter, or entertainer at home and at first glance this may not seem like the kind of magazine I would enjoy, but on the contrary, I love to look through these things and fantasize (and in this age of pinterest, who doesn’t?). My ideal Stephanie could easily be featured in one of these articles.

First off, the quality of the digital magazine is excellent. I had no problems reading all 150 pages on my set-up and the photographs were stunning. Absolutely stunning.

As expected, the magazine featured some of the more traditional subjects – design, party, diy, a mother’s day section, etc. – but as I read I noticed several original twists and modern updates. One of my favorite articles was about throwing a Nancy Drew themed birthday party. The theme was subtle, but effective, and I loved seeing someone suggest an outside-of-the-box theme. I also really enjoyed an interview with the creator of the Remnants of the Past Antiques and Vintage Show.

I may even try to make the Seeded Rosemary Rolls baked in pots. Well. . I’ll ask my husband to tackle that.

The first half of the magazine features the stories and photographs, then the back half has the instructions and recipes for the featured products. This was an effective layout – you weren’t taken out of the fantasy of the perfect images by having to think about how much time it would really take to create.

Overall, I really enjoyed Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll. It is easy to think that websites like Pinterest can replace some of these more traditional forms of sharing information, but it was nice to be able to read through these articles without having to sort through all of the extra noise.

Interested? Check out a sixteen page preview here and visit Jennifer Carroll Media for more information or to purchase a subscription.


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