The Big Easy

Okay, Thursday.

Most of the day was spent in conference sessions. I won’t bore you with the details and I didn’t take any photos to share. It was educational and a little boring – really just like every other conference out there.

Occasionally, the skies open up and dump massive quantities of rain on everything. I’m constantly either sticky from the humidity or wet from the rain.

We used our spare time in between sessions to visit the World War II Museum. I have wanted to visit this museum for years and it was the main thing we wanted to try and work into the schedule (and good thing too, time is a hot commodity around here and we are swamped!).


Lunch! A delicious french dip with homemade chips at the American Sector restaurant in the museum. It was large and filling. I ditched the bread by the time I got to the second half as it was just way too much.


Eating in the French Quarter on a work budget is difficult. We have rules around how much we are supposed to spend to get reimbursed and we try really hard to comply. I googled my little heart out to find a place for dinner where we could get a honest-to-god-entree within budget. Not a burger. Not a sandwich. Not red beans and rice. An entree. And I succeeded! We ended up at Pierre Maspero’s and I ordered chicken and waffles. It came with a deliciously spicy honey Tabasco glaze. Oh it was good!


Next, I saw this shirt with all of the typos. Love it!



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