The Crescent City

I’m at a conference in New Orleans this week. Since I have been here several times before, I feel like I can have a nice relaxed time around the French Quarter without feeling like I’m missing out on something. I will post some photos as I go along, but – be warned – they will just be from my cell phone. You should know not to expect much more.

First up, the hotel room:

Pretty nice, huh? I took more photos of the sitting area and large doors leading out to an additional atrium sitting area, but they didn’t really do it justice. You know what I love about traveling for work? Having my own room with a great big king size bed. Ahhhhh. Within thirty minutes of checking in, I was completely unpacked and already sitting on the couch enjoying a cup of decaf and the complimentary slippers I had housekeeping bring up. I believe in soaking up every little bit of luxury.

Said slippers.


Dinner was at a random Mexican place on Bourbon Street that was close to the hotel, didn’t have a line, and fit in our budget. I would share a photo of my burrito, but it took so long I didn’t stop to think before diving in.

I spent the rest of the night going over the workshop I’m teaching. Woo! Getting crazy down here!



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