We Gonna Party Like It’s Your Birthday

On Wednesday, my husband celebrated his 33rd birthday. We don’t usually do much for birthdays – we are a simple dinner and cake kind of family – but this year we decided to make a day of it. Both of us took off from work and I planned surprises.

First up, breakfast! Now, originally I planned for us to dine at a lovely local fine restaurant. Then they went and closed for renovations, totally messing up my plans. Little Rock is severely lacking in breakfast options, especially during the week. Choices were slim, but we ended up at Mimi’s Cafe, a great little place for a delicious breakfast. I joked that I planned to take him to Waffle House, but my husband is so easy-going he said that would be fine.

Throughout the day, I gave him ten lottery tickets to scratch. His birthday luck proved worthless though; he went through all ten without winning even a dollar.

Since the fancy level had dropped, breakfast didn’t take as long as I planned and we stopped at Barnes and Nobles for twenty minutes or so. You can’t go wrong looking at books.
Up next, a massage! I treated my husband to a surprise hour-long deep tissue massage. He enjoyed it, of course, and emerged a little bit more floppy. I killed a little time at Whole Foods waiting for him to finish.

The next stop was supposed to be the zoo, but it was raining. The zoo might seem like a strange option for an adult birthday party, but my husband absolutely loves zoos. Our local zoo isn’t the best, but it is still okay. Not in the rain though, so we moved on to plan b and roamed the aisles of Best Buy. Again, this might not sound like the best thing to you, but my husband will wander that store looking at every single thing.

Plus, we both got to look at the appliances together. I want this little beauty, bad. I wasn’t able to photograph its amazingness in the store, so this stock photo will have to do:

Then, lunch! Husbands’ choice on this one. We ended up at Famous Dave’s for barbecue and ordered something called the Feast for Two. Well, actually the Feast for Three and a Half as we took so much of that thing home and were still stuffed.

Last stop, the movies! We never have a lot of time to go see a movie. It is hard to find a babysitter for the little man, so it feels a little frivolous to waste it on just a movie. We went to see Neighbors (as I loathe action movies and needed a comedy). It was funny. Not as funny as I expected – it was no I Love You, Man! – but we laughed and had a great time.

We ended the day eating leftovers with the kids, indulging in Cheesecake Factory cheesecake from the Wal-Mart freezer section, and having the husband open his gift. We got him a Cuisinart Griddler. These are the kinds of gifts adults buy for each other.


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