A-Z Wrap-up

APRIL-CALENDAR [2014]Well, April is officially over and I successfully blogged twenty-six A-Z entries. It was hard and the blog was on my mind this entire month. Overall, I think it was a good thing. I ended up telling you a whole lot about me and I met some new people who stumbled over here through the various A-Z postings.

I tried not to overwhelm myself with the posting, so you may have noticed the longer entries were about the same # I write each month. I added in more fun and fluff to meet the requirements.

My favorite posts from this month?
A = Alter Ego. This one doesn’t seem to have been that popular with you, dear readers, but I really enjoyed writing it.
C = Clutter. This was a simple post, but I enjoyed sharing the contents of my purse with you. I’m even considering revealing (confessing?) my collection of lipsticks and glosses in a future post.
P = Parenting, Tween Edition. This was a completely new topic for me and it felt nice to get some of the thoughts out. Again, blog traffic was a little low on this on, so maybe I’m missing the mark.
V = Voice. I’m never comfortable writing about writing, so this one was difficult for me to conceptualize. I like to be challenged.

The most popular A-Z post, stats-wise?
D = Discomfort. The post about the little man’s baclofen trial. I expected this post to have high traffic, as I shared it on a couple of special needs sites. A good post, I think.

What were your favorite posts? What would you like to see me write more about? Share in the comments.

Would I do this again?
Yes, I really enjoyed it. Maybe next year I will try to stick to a theme. That seems a lot harder though, so I’m not sure. I don’t even know what my theme would be.

Would you consider doing this? Do you have suggestions for me if I do it again next year? Share in the comments.



  1. I like the more personal or family oriented posts, so my favorites were Updates, Oblivion, Parenting: Tween Edition, Husband, and because I love my perfume so much, Generosity. I really enjoyed reading all of them and I hope you do it again next year!!

  2. Hi, I loved your Z is for Zombie post! I think I share your fear of waking up and we have had a zombie takeover. I loved the way you went through the potential options open to one in a Zombie crisis. Thx for that!

  3. I really loved this series, and looked forward to your posts every day! Here were a few of my favorites:
    Zombies–because I generally dislike them, but have been forced to watch The Walking Dead this season, and now have zombie dreams/nightmares.

    XXXI–I had commented on this one already, it inspires me to dream!

    Updates & Husband & Discomfort–I enjoyed hearing about the fam!

    Alter Ego–this one was fun! I appreciate this because it’s not something I ever think about, and got me thinking.

    Like I said, I loved them all!

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