U = Updates

The HusbandU
He has been helping the daughter with her science project this year. The pair took apart a laptop and will eventually be building their own new computer. The daughter seems to think this means he will be doing her project and she can just watch. So he has to keep explaining to her how things are going to be. The beard is still going strong. Also, He had to mow the yard for the first time, so that is pretty disappointing. Poor thing.

The Daughter
She is getting excited about going to space camp in a few weeks. Technically, she has been excited about it since we reserved her spot by paying a deposit in September. Her three best friends are going – and she gets to be a room with two of them – so I know she will have a great time. Thankfully, according to the daughter at least, there is Wi-Fi on the bus so they can communicate if they aren’t together. What she doesn’t realize is she will be driving through the middle of nowhere and likely won’t be able to connect. Poor thing.

The Little Man
He took his first big tumble a few days ago. A little girl at his school decided to help him escape by unbuckling him from his wheelchair and he . . . well . . . threw himself right out. He landed on his little nose; it was swollen, but thankfully not broken. He was upset enough that the husband had to go pick him up early, but the little girl cried even longer. Both of them had a rough afternoon. Poor things.

I’m just me. I have been good about not taking on any more tasks right now and I’ve even crossed a couple of more things off of my to-do list. I’m even almost done with one of the biggies – creating a workshop to teach at a regional conference in May. That will be a big relief. Let’s see, what else? I’m broke. Well, we are all broke actually, so no fun spending right now. Oh, and I’m really looking forward to this weekend when I get to hear one of my favorite author’s – Mary Roach – speak! I hope she is awesome in person. And I hope the theater isn’t too full.

Leela and Marv
Yep, still dogs.

The house
Totally a mess. You want to come clean it for me?


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