R = Routines

ROr, living with Stephanie.
I have a set way of doing . . . well, a lot of things. Today I am going to share some of my more hardcore routines. These might not seem that set-in-stone to you, but I do them the exact same way every single day. If it varies, I get a bit frustrated and cranky.

Taking a shower: stand in the water for a minute until I wake up; shampoo my hair; rinse my hair; condition my hair; wash my face; use the extra suds from my face to wash my arms (no, I don’t know why); rinse my face; wash my body; rinse my hair; get out; lotion arms then legs; done!

Putting on makeup: moisturizer; go get my clothes ready then sunscreen my chest while it soaks in; primer; BB cream; brush my teeth while it sets; powder; blush; use setting spray if it is going to be a long day; eyes (sometimes just liner and mascara, sometimes the full shebang); eyebrows; done!

Driving to work: get in the car; check to make sure I have my cell phone; glance at email/wordpress/facebook notifications; turn the ac or heat on; drop the daughter off at school; begin twenty minutes of trying to find a song I want to listen to while constantly changing my mind; coffee! (maybe); avoid the interstate because I get road rage; park in the deck; depending on the time, listen to the rest of the song or check email on my phone; done!

Doing the dishes: unload the dishwasher as fast as possible, but leave everything on the counter; load dirty cups; then bowls; followed by plates and large items; silverware last if at all possible; turn dishwasher on; put up dishes on counter; first silverware; then cups; followed by plates and large items; wipe down kitchen counter; rinse out then wipe dry the sink; done!


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