H = Husband

HToday I am going to tell you five important things about my husband. We have been married for 11 1/2 years, so I guess I know him pretty well. He can still surprise me though. I asked him if he wanted to write something for the “H” day, but he declined. Then I asked him if he wanted to read what I wrote about him before I posted, but he declined that too. So, I guess this a free for all.

-He works in IT and is a big ole techie. Occasionally, I will stumble upon something tech related that he doesn’t know about or isn’t using “correctly.” I take this opportunity to tease him mercilessly. I also tease him for watching Star Trek Voyager. Next Generation all the way, son!  

-He is growing his first beard. Now, I should explain. I don’t mean he is letting his stubble grow out a bit for the first time; I mean he is growing a full-on hipster beard. He researches it. He owns oils and a special brush and mustache wax. This beard is a big deal. The other day he got a drop of food in it for the first time. Ranch dressing – my mortal enemy.

-He cooks! And I don’t just mean that he will occasionally fire up the grill. He cooks 99.6% of the meals that we make at home. When I take food to an event or party, eaters always send their compliments to him; they know I didn’t make it. He makes Italian grandmother-worthy meatballs and a killer stroganoff. People request his chocolate rum mousse, banana pudding, and chocolate cake. One time he even made me a rainbow cake. He does have an unfortunate tendency to cook large hunks of meat and doesn’t incorporate enough melted cheese. . . but I’ll keep him.

-When I had my surgery, he dropped everything to take care of me. My mother-in-law was here for a bit to help with the kids, but when she went home, he took care of me and both of them. It was even at the point where he slept on the couch with me, because I had such limited mobility for the first couple of weeks that I needed help to change positions every couple of hours. Then he continued sleeping on the couch with me until I made it back to our bed just because I didn’t want to be alone. I don’t know how you thank someone for that. I tried though by getting him a massage.

-He lets our little dog ride in the car with him – in fact – he enjoys having the little dog ride in the car with him and even lets it ride on his lap. I think he is one step away from carrying the little guy around in a bag. Maybe a baby sling.


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