G = Generosity

GA loyal reader [thanks, Shelly!] suggested I do another giveaway during this April blogging month. I thought that sounded like a pretty good plan, as I tend to buy people things to show my love.

Instead of just doing one giveaway though, I am taking it a little bit farther. Up to five people who comment on this post by midnight tonight (Tuesday) will receive something special in the mail from me in the next few weeks. If more than five comment, I’ll pick the winners using random.org.

Good luck! To enter, comment below telling me 1) your favorite color, 2) your favorite scent, 3) your favorite candy. These may or may not be relevant to the gift (I really haven’t decided yet.)



      1. I will NEVER stop loving purple. Although, I have ended my hate relationship with pink. Still don’t have much of it though.

  1. I’m glad you liked my idea! 🙂

    Favorite Color = Black
    Favorite Scent = Anything clean smelling or lemony
    Favorite Candy = Reeses or Mr. Goodbar

  2. 1. Turquoise
    2. My favorite household scent is anything citrus but my favorite scent that brings back great memories is bacon. It reminds me of the sleepovers I had at my Grandparents house. 🙂
    3. M & M

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