C = Clutter

I am a very organized person . . . except when Iā€™m not. For C = Clutter, I am going to show you the contents of my purse. I may be slightly addicted to lip products – try not to judge me too hard.


My wallet
The book I am currently reading
Junior League business card holder
Leftover anti-inflammatories from when I hurt my ankle (need to trash these)
Moo business card holder
One pen
Hands of Hope hand cream (I very much dislike this)
Three lipsticks
Eight lip-glosses
One lip stain
One lip balm
One makeup remover pen
Two small bags that hold all the random stuff
One hair clip
One “Born Digital” button
One empty emergency Xanax bottleC
One small makeup palette
One wine wipe
One deodorant wipe
Four Shout wipes
One small pen eyeshadow
One cuticle pen
One mascara

Not pictured: my cell phone, my keys, two pay stubs, one granola bar wrapper



    1. They are made for getting rid of red wine stains on your teeth at an event or party. I keep them handy to freshen up my mouth if I feel it needs it and I’m not near a toothbrush.

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