Friday Updates

I had the day off on Monday. Don’t be jealous; I have to work on Saturday. My only goal for the day was to sit on the couch as much as possible and I think I succeeded. I did have to get out of the house for a little bit though to run some errands, but it wasn’t bad as everyone is off somewhere enjoying their spring break.

Let’s do a day-off-from-work run-down:

-My alarm went off at 8:30, but I stayed in bed until 9:15
-Post office to mail the pig and a swap package
-Michael’s to return a necklace holder
-Grocery shopping
-Lunch. . . on the couch
-Watched Amelie
-Watched a bad documentary about Rock Paper Scissors while cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry
-Watched a good documentary about online dating
-Watched a better documentary about Second Life
-Husband and the little man came home (the daughter is off somewhere enjoying her spring break)

My favorite thing to do on a day-off is window shop. I avoided that this time though because I’ve had a bit of difficultly controlling my spending habits lately. Still, TJ Maxx called to me most of the day. If the Ulta in my neighborhood was open yet, I would have lost all control.


Remember that to-do list I posted here last month while in the middle of my stress breakdown? Let’s do an update.

-1,000 word article for the same upcoming book (turns out this one isn’t due until August, yay!)
-1,000-1,500 word article for historical journal
-Organization project for Junior League archives (1/3 done, supplies purchased)
-Outline, then finalize, workshop I’m teaching in May (SERIOUSLY, DO THIS NOW)
-Participate in planning for August roundtable meeting (In progress)
-Visit the new restaurant in my work building (yes, this is to-do list worthy)
-Grout project for tile in kitchen and dining (still waiting for a free weekend)
-750 word article for online resource (3/4 done)
-750 word article for – you guessed it – the same upcoming book
-1,000 word article for upcoming book -Get posters printed; Package and mail out 60 to individuals; Mail bulk to D.C. for distribution
-Contact people interested in contributing to organizational blog
-Weekly readings and homework for project management class (Well, scratch this one off the list completely)
-Work two hours at Junior League event  League was nice enough to give me a leave of absence – well, I didn’t really give them much choice – so I have a break from this for a bit.
-Plan and prepare food for Girl Scouts Thinking Day booth
-Sort and deliver Girl Scout cookies
-Plan a presentation on five awesome women in local history for teens
-Switch out winter clothes in kids closets; Pull out items to sell at Rhea Lana

New additions:
-Edit received submissions and prepare my submission for professional newsletter
-Little Man has a bed medical test on Tuesday

Look at that! Progress!


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