On Second Thought

In January, I started the first class of my second master’s degree, a MS in Project Management. I was pretty excited to start; I very much enjoy being a student and thought a more business-orientated program would be nothing but a plus for my resume. I assumed there would be some hiccups as I readjusted to grad school life and was fully prepared for that.

What I wasn’t prepared for was hating every single minute of the class. I hated the readings. I hated the assignments. I hated the system they use for online classes. I hated interacting with the other students. I especially hated calculating program costs and inflation rates, but I guess that one is sort of trivial.

For the first couple of weeks, I just assumed it was a case of imposter syndrome – the feeling that you aren’t as qualified as your peers and don’t belong. Imposter syndrome is not new to me, so I just pushed on and kept going with my coursework. By the sixth week however, it became 100% clear this was not a case of imposter syndrome.

The teacher is wonderful. The readings are educational. The assignments are challenging. The other students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The entire program is highly recommended and set up for working professionals. All of that is great. It doesn’t change the fact that Project Management is not for me.

Nope, just not for me. My solution? I withdrew from the class and the program. Yep, I’m a college dropout. I know! I’m as surprised as you are – no way would I have ever guessed that this overachieving people-pleaser would bail. I even got a little queasy sending the “yeah, I’m out” email to my advisor. Enrolling in this program was a mistake. Not a big mistake, but a costly one, as I withdrew after the refund deadline and won’t be getting any of my tuition back. Oh well, I consider it a donation to the university.

What’s the plan now? Nothing. I’m not going to look for another program. After this misfire that seemed like such a sure thing, I’m a little leery of jumping into another long-term commitment. I’m going to continue working on a career certification that has been ongoing in the background and leave it at that for now.


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