The To-Do List

Right now, my life is being controlled by one immense to-do list. Somewhere along the line, I let it get so unwieldy that I had a little bit of a so-overwhelmed-someone-help-me breakdown. Since then, I’ve been slowly but surely whittling it down. I know you are all very interested to see the kind of things I spend my time doing, so I’m going to share my to-do list. Although a slightly sanitized version with some identifying information removed (I am semi-anonymous, after all). Here it is, in no particular order.

1,000 word article for upcoming book (Draft done and submitted!)
-1,000 word article for the same upcoming book
750 word article for – you guessed it – the same upcoming book (Draft done and submitted!)
-750 word article for online resource
-1,000-1,500 word article for historical journal
-Organization project for Junior League archives (1/3 done, supplies purchased)
-Get posters printed; Package and mail out 60 to individuals; Mail bulk to D.C. for distribution
-Contact people interested in contributing to organizational blog; Organize volunteers
-Weekly readings and homework for project management class
-Outline, then finalize, workshop I’m teaching in May
Work two hours at Junior League event (today!)
-Plan and prepare food for Girl Scouts Thinking Day booth (Sunday!)
-Participate in planning for August roundtable meeting
Sort (done!) and deliver (starting today!) Girl Scout cookies
-Plan a presentation on five awesome women in local history for teens (March)
-Grout project for tile in kitchen and dining (waiting for a free weekend)
-Switch out winter clothes in kids closets; Pull out items to sell at Rhea Lana
-Visit the new restaurant in my work building (yes, this is to-do list worthy)

Now, that might not be a lot for some of you overachievers out there. But for me, it is killer. Add in regular home/mom/sanity stuff, plus the little man’s medical care and I start to feel like I’m on the brink of a volcano. [Ooohhh, dramatic imagery.] Plus, I’m a procrastinator and no amount of items on a to-do list can change that. Added bonus, I respond to a full schedule by procrastinating even more. Yay for me!

My plan of attack: Obviously, the events are scheduled and there isn’t much I can do there. Aside from that, the articles for the book come first followed by the presentation and workshop. A few of the things can be done as part of my work time (the posters and mailing is a commitment I made through my workplace, as is the 750 word article for the online resource), but I still need to be careful to balance that with my regular duties.


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