In a surprising twist, we celebrated Valentine’s Day

My husband and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day. It is nice to pig out on some candy and we always do something small for the kids, but for the most part, we just don’t celebrate the day. It isn’t a real holiday to me, just an obligation. So, imagine my surprise when I find out he got a wild hair and decided to do something special this year. He sent the kids to their grandparents and is picking me up from work at 5:30 for a date night. My only hint is to wear something nice. And I’m assuming there will be wine. I guess it is time for me to abandon the grumpy and enjoy myself.

It is a great excuse to wear a new dress I recently purchased from ASOS. Love it!

Just picture a short, fat, and sassy brunette wearing it.

Let me give you a brief rundown of how the weekend progressed.

Friday morning – I got flowers at work! I’ve only gotten flowers a handful of times in my life, so this is always a special surprise.

Friday evening – The husband picked me up from work and took me for dinner at a restaurant that has been on my to-visit list for a bit. It is in a historic house that I have been worried about being torn down for several years now. I was so happy to see a new business set up there. Also, wine. So much wine.

Saturday morning – I had to start the day by doing a little homework for the class I am taking. That doesn’t really count.

Saturday afternoon – We went shopping. First to Kohls for some clothes for my husband, then to the Container Store, Ulta and TJ Maxx for me. We finished off with an early dinner featuring dirty martinis and prime rib.

Saturday night – We went to the symphony! It was super fun. Until I tried to go down a very tiny step and fell flat on my face. From then on, my ankle and foot started to swell. When we got home, I wrapped it in a bandage and slept on the couch so I could keep it elevated.

Sunday morning – Time to go to the urgent care. My foot was in bad condition. Thankfully, nothing was broken, but I do have a very fashionable boot to keep me company over the next few days. See, this is why we can’t have nice things.


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