Catching up

Whoa! I turn my back for one minute and suddenly we are seven days into February.

So, where have I been? Around. Mostly on my couch or in my bed researching and writing for a couple of past-due articles. I had to take the very big step – for me, anyway! – of admitting that I was in over my head and couldn’t do it all. Talk about overextended!

For starters, I asked for a leave of absence from Junior League. While my League duties are already scaled way back this year since I rotated off of board, it was still one extra thing that was weighing on my mind. I must say, I instantly felt better knowing that I could just let all of that go for now. I love my League ladies and I hate to leave them hanging, but I wouldn’t be any good to them with my stress level this high.

I’m doing a better job of prioritizing my tasks and commitments. What has to be done? What can come second? What can wait? Usually, I don’t ask these questions. I just do everything at once and roll with the punches. There is too much on my list for that to work this time though and that attitude is largely what got me into this position.

do all the things

Do you read Hyperbole and Half? You should.

I’m trying to take care of my stress levels. I’m coming off of three sick days. I don’t blame the cold on my stress; my daughter and her friends have been passing it around for a while. But this time, I let myself take some time off without worrying about the consequences. I tried not to think about the days I was losing on my projects or what was sitting in my email waiting for a response. I did do a little work from home when I started to feel somewhat better, but just enough to get a bit caught up.

I’m happy to say that I haven’t volunteer or committed myself to anything new. Woo, go me! I hope to be back to normal very soon.


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