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You know how some new parents will say that they never knew how much they could love someone until they looked into their new baby’s eyes? Well, I feel that way about my thermostat. [And my kids too! I’m not completely a heartless monster.]

My husband and I bought ourselves a Nest for Christmas. Yes kids, there will be a time where you willing purchase home upgrades as Christmas gifts – and even enjoy it! $250 is pricey, but the internet is full of uber-positive reviews and my husband-the-techie was pretty enthused about it. We ended up using some Amazon gift cards we had from taking surveys on and from trading in old electronics on Gazelle. I wrapped it and put it under the tree, so we had to wait until Christmas to open it. My husband was off on vacation, so he installed it a couple of days later. We programmed in our typical schedule (if you want, Nest will create your own schedule based on how you set the temperature after about a week of use, but we already knew what we wanted to start with) and waited to see if it would be worth the money.


And. . . . it was! It took about a month, but this nifty little gadget started to learn about our habits. For example: We forgot to set the alarm one morning and didn’t get up at our regular time. The Nest turned our heat up as part of our regular morning routine, but turned it back down after a bit when no one walked past the thermostat. When we did get up and frantically start to toss on clothes and wake the children, it detected our motion and started up our regular temperature schedule. I’m living in the future folks!

I can adjust the home temperature from my phone and ipad. So, if I’m cold and sitting on the couch, the Nest enables my laziness and lets me kick the heat up a degree or two from underneath my blanket. If I’m coming home early and need to get our heat going before its regularly scheduled time, I can just do that very quickly and arrive home to toasty house. If our work schedules change and we start messing with the temperature consistently off-schedule, the Nest will learn and adjust accordingly.


Another plus – the Nest tracks our energy usage so we can see how our activities and temperature changes play into our monthly bills. A little green leaf appears on the thermostat when we have it set to an energy-saving temperature allowing us to save every extra little penny (or not, if we turn it past that point).

I did not know I could love a thermostat this much.

If should be perfectly clear this isn’t the kind of blog that gets fancy perks in exchange for positive reviews. But just in case you are wondering – No, Nest did not send me a free thermostat. I would love one of those fancy smoke alarms though. Feel free to send one my way, Nest!

*What else would you title a post about thermostats?


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  1. That’s so cool! I love it!! My company pays for my housing and utilities but when the time comes that I get to buy or build, I’m keeping this little gem in mind!

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