Sometimes I like to be frivolous and pretty [Part II]

Beauty boxes are a frivolous waste of money. And I love them.

I have been a Birchbox subscriber for a while. Would I walk into a store and pay $10 for the samples? No. Is the squeal I make when I see the box in my mailbox worth $10? Yes. Absolutely. I rip into that thing immediately and inspect all of the products. I even have a designated “sample box” in my bathroom where I keep all of the little bits so they don’t get lost.

True, some products I will use once and never think twice about. But without Birchbox I never would have discovered that orange nails look excellent on me, as do orange and navy blue diagonally striped nails. I also wouldn’t have discovered my favorite face peel – who knew I could have a favorite face peel!? – Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive (I even got some in my stocking this year) or that gel eyeliner looks best on me (i.e. I can put it on without looking like a kid using a crayon). Sometimes my beauty box allows me to be a bathroom superhero, “Out of eye cream? Quick, to the sample box!”

I’ve been getting tired of Birch Box though. One month, I got a pen as one of my products (there was much whining on the beauty box internet over that one). I’m sure it was mostly my imagination, but I never seemed to get the best products that others were bragging about online. Except for dry shampoo; I always got the awesome dry shampoo bottles. And overall, Birchbox is very skin-orientated. I like to keep my skin care routine simple and affordable (except for the aforementioned peel and a jar of Glam Glow super mud that I alternate weekly) – I am an Olay kind of girl. I like trying the new skin stuff, but I don’t intend to really change my routine. I won’t continue to buy a $40 jar of daily moisturizer, so there is no point to try and add it in as a regular product.

With that in mind, I said good-bye to Birchbox and started the new year with a new beauty subscription that is more make-up focused – Ipsy. One month in and. . . . Ipsy decided to do a skincare focused bag. Ha! Just my luck. I’m not disappointed with my products (in fact, I got a hair mask that I’m dying to try), but I will wait until next month to decide whether or not I want to make Ipsy a regular purchase.


[Okay, I probably should admit that during the two weeks between the time I started this post and the time I received my box from Ipsy/finished the post, I restarted my Birchbox subscription. I may be addicted.]


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