Stretched thin

I missed a deadline. Completely forgot about three articles I agreed to write for an upcoming book (well, I didn’t forget about them, but I did push them way back in my mind where they were hardly a blip on the radar). Thankfully, it was just the first draft deadline and they are extending it for me. But still, I’m embarrassed. And now I have to produce quality work on a reduced timeline while starting the first class of my second masters degree.

I work in a pseudo-academic field, so I have a lot of committee work, board responsibilities, writing projects, etc. on top of my 9-5 duties. Sometimes this is good – it gets my name out there and gives me a lot of exposure to new theories and projects. Sometimes this is bad – exactly how many balls can I juggle before it all comes crashing down?

Long story short, this blog may be quiet for the next few weeks. Posting my normal three times a week is out of the question, but I’ll pop in at least once a week to update.

Wish me luck!too-busy-people-workplace-ecard-someecards



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