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AYBSAre You Being Served?: The Inside Story of Britain’s Funniest and Public Television’s Favorite Comedy Series by Adrian Rigelsford, Geoff Tibballs and Anthony Brown

A gift from my husband. Are You Being Served? is one of my go-to shows. I have the entire series and watch an episode before bed almost every night. Even though my husband must be exhausted by my obsession, he is an enabler and bought me this book anyway.

melissaMelissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life by Melissa Joan Hart

From Amazon.com: Melissa Joan Hart explained it all—from dating to bullies—in her groundbreaking role as Clarissa Darling on Clarissa Explains It All. She cast a spell on millions more viewers as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Now, in Melissa Explains It All, Melissa tells the frank and funny behind-the-scenes stories from her extraordinary past and her refreshingly normal present.

A gift from my sister. I was thrilled to get this book for Christmas. It had been on my want-to-read list since it was published. I love memoirs and nostalgia – seems like a good fit for me! Overall a good read, but not the guilty pleasure I was expecting.

GulpGulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by Mary Roach

From Amazon.com: An Amazon Best Book of the Month, April 2013: Mary Roach’s investigations into weird body science were inspired by a plastic torso with removable organs in her fifth-grade class, “the point at which curiosity began to push aside disgust or fear or whatever it is that so reliably deflects mind from body.” . . . Now, she cruises down the alimentary canal with Gulp. As you’d expect with Roach, this isn’t a methodical top-to-bottom tour. It’s more delightful and memorable than that. She’s a gorgeous writer, a master of sly asides, puns, and the bizarre but ultimately relevant story, sounding at times like an absurdly well-informed comedian (her footnotes are must-reads). And her evocative portraits of experts obsessed with their piece of the digestive puzzle–the surprising properties of saliva, nuances of chewing and digesting, and, yes, the incredible control of the colon–coaxes her readers beyond the gag reflex, inspiring awe for the world inside ourselves. –Mari Malcolm

A gift from me. I’ve declared my love for Mary Roach many times. I’ll admit – I found myself scrunching up my nose or clenching my. . . well, you know. . . several times during this book, but it was worth it. So much learning!


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