Favorite things . . . 2013 edition

I am going to share some things I discovered in 2013 that quickly became regular in my life.


Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm
I didn’t really get the BB cream craze at first; every product I tried just seemed like a regular tinted moisturizer. This product is different though. Dr. Jarts has ended my fifteen-year struggle to find a makeup foundation I like. My face looks positively flawless when I put it on every morning. I’ve also developed a little obsession with Korean beauty products. If this is so awesome, what else do they know?

Fiber One Chewy Bars, Oats and Chocolate
Yum. I could eat them every day and many days I do. They are perfectly chocolately, but with enough oats to make you feel like you made a good choice. Great for fighting back afternoon hunger.

Hush Puppies Sonnet Slip Onhush
I love these shoes. I have them in red and brown and wear them to work almost every day. I probably would wear them every day if I had them in black. They are cute, but comfortable and ready to climb a ladder if necessary. Maybe not the most trendy choice, but perfect for this practical archivist.

Books by Mary Roach
I read Stiff, Bonk, and Spook this year and I just ordered Gulp to start off 2014. Roach’s writing is fun, entertaining, and smart. I come away from one of her books with new knowledge and some insane stories/facts to break out at a party. Stiff was my favorite, but that is a topic that always interests me.

Cosmopolitan magazinecosmo
It is silly, I know. I bought a subscription to Cosmopolitan during a $5 sale and – I must say – I enjoy getting the nonsense in my mailbox once a month. I usually read through it one evening. Laughing at the unrealistic sex tips and scrutinizing the outfits I could never pull off is a fun way to end a stressful day. Don’t judge.

For some reason, 2013 was the year of the audiobook for me. I’ve listened to them before, but only on long trips or when I used to commute an hour each way daily. This year though, I have been all about those books. Any moment I have at work that is appropriate for listening, I had my headphones in. I listened to at least twenty, if not more.



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