Happy New Year!

I don’t typically make resolutions – I’ve tried many times in the past and just end up with a list of failed plans. One time I even sealed my resolutions in an envelope to open on the next New Year’s Eve to celebrate what I had completed. Yeah, that was a downer.

But I do think a new year is a good time to think about some changes you need or want to be made. Nothing concrete, just overall concepts. With that in mind, here are a few things I hope to accomplish in 2014.

-Nurture my friendships.
I need to be more conscious of connecting with the people I love. Don’t we all?

-Get the little man’s medical stuff organized.
I need to be more conscious of recording information from our doctor and therapy visits. I also need to get a better handle on the information I have. This will make it easier to interact with doctors and therapists in the future and leave a safety net in case something everything happened to my husband and me.

-Don’t feel embarrassed for other people.
This is a big – and ridiculous – problem for this anxiety-ridden lady. If they aren’t embarrassed, there is no reason for me to start feeling all weird for them. It just makes me anxious and hyperaware of my surroundings.

-Cut myself some slack and take enjoyment in my accomplishments.
Ah, the life of an INFJ. I need to give myself some credit – things may not be as planned, but it isn’t some grand failure on my part. I’m doing okay and getting all worked up about “my full potential” isn’t going to help.


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