Bullies (a.ka. questionable parenting)

As a formerly fat kid (as in, formerly a kid, but still fat), I have a less-than-friendly take on dealing with bullies. I realize sometimes this doesn’t make me the best mother. Take this conversation for example:

O: [tells the story of a boy saying a marginally mean remark to her] I don’t know why he said that.

Me: What a little jerk.

Me: [realizing that wasn’t an acceptable answer] Kids can be mean sometimes, but try not to let it bother you. None of is it true and they are just trying to get a reaction out of you.

O: Yeah, [last year’s teacher] told us how to respond to bullies. He said, “If someone says that you have an ugly shirt say, ‘Thanks! That is the look I was going for!”’

Me: If someone told me I had an ugly shirt I would say, “Not as ugly as your face!” [damn. . . quickly backtrack to some of that “don’t let it bother you” stuff]



  1. We went through this with our kid. You have all my sympathies. 🙂 He being introverted, different (ie. ADD/ODD) and a Puddle-glum (C.S. Lewis, Narnia series), he was pretty much picked on from the first day of kindergarten till 4th grade, when we brought him home to school. He seemed to fit right in with other homeschooled children, because we were all different from the public social norm. LOL!

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