Nah, I’ll pass.

I have never been a big fan of Thanksgiving – I can’t really remember a time I appreciated the holiday for anything other than a day off. Over the years, my Thanksgiving ambivalence has grown into a real hate. The whole holiday just perturbs me.

I mean, what is the point? And don’t give me any of that “spending time with family” crap. You can do that anytime and travel would be lots cheaper because there wouldn’t be a mass of people making an annual pilgrimage to be with relatives they don’t really like and are only going to complain about later.

And the food. Why do we have to have a holiday based around food? It is one of this binge-eater’s worst nightmares. There is literally nothing else to do but sit around and eat all day long. My husband loves Thanksgiving. 45 minutes after eating, he will be asleep and I will be left all alone with a kitchen full of food. Tons of food. Gee, thanks.

I don’t have black Friday to look forward to either, as I avoid any and all stores like the plaque that entire weekend.

The best part of Thanksgiving = the dressing. No dressing vs. stuffing debates in the comments, please. It is all dressing in our household. All complaints about food aside, I could eat the entire pan of my husband’s dressing and happily come back for more. And then more.

The second best part of Thanksgiving = putting up the Christmas tree. Of course, if Thanksgiving wasn’t in the way, I could put the tree up after Halloween. So it is toss-up, I guess.



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