Scenes from my (delayed) weekend

I spent most of the actual weekend lounging on the couch still dealing with some lingering sickness, but was feeling pretty good in time for our delayed weekend plans.

My husband and I left work mid-day on Monday to head to Memphis for a Justin Timberlake concert. We aren’t big concert goers – I can hardly remember the last one I went to – so this was a pretty rare occurrence for us. It had also been quite a while since we were able to take a night away for total relaxation. I’m cheap, but we got a great deal on hotwire for a room at the Peabody – not my first choice for a downtown hotel, but in walking distance of the arena and always nice.

The concert was good. He didn’t have a blow-me-away stage show, but we enjoyed it. We made it back to the hotel around 1am and ordered room service (completely blowing the deal I got on the room).

20131118_150902 I don’t know what you do when you check into a hotel, but this is pretty high on my list (when we don’t have the kids, at least). Drinks were ordered before we even checked in.

20131118_163021The hotel was already decorated for Christmas.

20131118_164448We headed to the Kooky Canuck for dinner, a place we had often considered, but never visited. My husband is a sucker for poutine.

20131118_174411Beale Street before the concert.

20131118_173339 20131118_184243Justin Timberlake is from Memphis, apparently. They declared it JT day and passed out bow ties on the street. It fit nicely on my girly drink that gave me a brain freeze.

20131118_201148A [bad] view of the arena from the top. It was sold out and very full.


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