My favorite . . . celebrity chefs

Oh yes, clearly a very important topic. I mean, how could any of you possibly go on living without knowing which . . . um, chefs. . . I enjoy watching on the television.

Alton Brown
The #1 nerd’s chef. I though about just stopping the list here and making this entire post an Alton Brown love-fest. That didn’t seem quite fair though. Good Eats was my gateway show into cooking television. That says a lot – see, I don’t cook. Nearly ever. And not only do I enjoy watching Alton Brown (even on that less-than-stellar Cutthroat Kitchen), I actually use one of his recipes. His Yorkshire pudding recipe is a must-have in my household.

Alton Brown 2

Anthony Bourdain
Too expected? It seems like everyone loves him and I guess you can count me in those numbers. Last year, my husband and I went to see him live. I had no clue what the show was going to be a like – it was a chef/television personality all alone in a theater like a stand-up comic. The show was great though. He held his own up there without any problem and we laughed a lot.

Interview with Anthony Bourdain

Ron Ben-Israel
The host of Sweet Genius. Okay, he may not be the first person to come to mind when you mention “celebrity chefs,” but he is a chef and he is on television, so it counts. I love him. He is quirky and fun and totally unashamed of his love of desserts. According to Wikipedia, he served in the Israeli military and was a dancer before discovering baking. You have to love someone who can create a tasty treat, present it with a bit of flare, and forcibly keep away the moochers.



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