::cough cough:: I’m sick.

These past two weeks have been rough. It is like my immune system put a “Gone Fishing” sign up in the window and is off vacationing somewhere while I struggle on my own.

It started with a simple cold. A nasty cold, but still just a straightforward cold. My daughter brought it home. She ended up taking two days off of school and I took a day and a half off of work. That should have been the end of it, but I developed one of those ridiculous lingering coughs that sometimes pop up after a cold. More annoyance than anything.

After a week of the cough I took myself to the doctor. She confirmed it wasn’t anything more serious, gave me some medicine, and orders to just sit around over the weekend and let it get better. When I headed off to work on Monday morning, I took some of my heavy-duty cough syrup. I knew it would make me sleepy, but assumed I could just power through. I would rather be a little sleepy than coughing everywhere.

At work I felt a little off – which I assumed was a meds – then started to get worse and worse. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what was wrong, but something was going on. I had my husband pick me up and take me home where I crashed in my bed and slept for four hours. I expected to wake up and feel great. Nope. Stomach bug. The daughter brought that home too and – since my body has never met a stomach bug it didn’t want to invite in for cocoa – I’ve been stuck in bed.


So, I don’t really have the brainpower to put together a coherent thought right now. Maybe you would like to read some of this instead:

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