Judgey McJudgerson

A couple of days ago as I stood in a check-out line at Target, the lady in front of me attempted to sneak a photo of another customer at the head of the line. I glanced ahead, trying to see what egregious fashion sin, odd behavior, or unusual haircut prompted the photo, but I didn’t see anything. Then I decided to be nosy.

The photo-taker wasn’t very adept at her sneaky game, so she was still holding the phone up while texting the evidence to a friend. The photo was of a well-dressed woman in business clothes. She was wearing black pants with a black and white plaid shirt with large sleeves and a tie at the waist. The damning text message = “winter coat with a white purse? really?”

Um. . . is this 2013 or did we get blasted into the past a bit? Why in the world would anyone see the need to comment on a white purse with winter clothes? Also – it wasn’t a winter coat. It was a shirt made out of heavy-looking material. I was a little taken aback. So much judgment coming from the lady in front of me. More judgment coming from the text-receiver likely laughing at the photo. Why are women so nasty to each other?

I completed the judgment circle by making a note of the hair dye stains on the back of the photo-takers shirt. I only felt a little bit bad about it.



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