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Do I do too may bookshelf posts? At any given moment, I am reading one or two books and listening to one or two at work. If I’m doing a project that requires me to be at my desk a while, I can finish in audio book in a day or so. Maybe I’m reading too much? Nah. . . not possible.

Him Her Him Again The End of Him by Patricia Marx9780786157655_p0_v1_s260x420

From Amazon.com: Patricia Marx is one of the finest comic writers of her time, as readers of The New Yorker and fans of Saturday Night Live already know. Her fiction debut is an endlessly entertaining comic novel about one woman’s romantic fixation on her first boyfriend. Marx’s unabashedly neurotic heroine falls for philosopher Eugene Obello during her graduate school days in Cambridge, England. Why would anyone fall for a man who receives a grant to pursue Ego Studies? Why would that person remain obsessed, even after this guy marries and becomes a father? By “obsessed,” we mean, well…sex and lusting and longing and hoping and waiting for this cad who is spread too thin. . . . years of lusting and longing, hoping and waiting. Until a spectacular event changes everything.

This book falls firmly in the “okay” range. I found the characters – all of the characters – to be either unlikable or unbelieveable, but it was funny. I may not have finished it if I was reading a hard copy, but I was listening to this one. The humor was good for long days at work.

The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction by Larry Young and Brian Alexandercover

From Amazon.com: How much control do we have over love? Much less than we like to think. All that mystery, all that poetry, all those complex behaviors sur­rounding human bonding leading to the most life-changing decisions we’ll ever make, are unconsciously driven by a few molecules in our brains. Drawing on real human stories and research from labs around the world, The Chemistry Between Us is a bold attempt to create a “grand unified theory” of love.

Also from Amazon.com, a quote from Mayim Bialik: “Dr. Young is one of the science world’s most respected authorities on the chemistry un­derlying the most complicated and beloved interactions of our species. The insight and candor he and Mr. Alexander provide in this simultaneously entertaining and compel­ling book will impress both novice and scientific aficionado alike. What an intellectually and emotionally satisfying exploration!”

Very interesting. Scientific, but enjoyable and easy to read.


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