Today is my birthday. I am officially 30 years old and, I must say, I’m pretty excited. I think this is the only birthday of my adult life – since having kids, anyway – that I’m actually excited about. It seems to matter in a way that none of the others have. Now, part of this feeling comes from the fact that I was very afraid I wouldn’t make it to see 30. But here I am. 30 and awesome. So, time for some birthday reflecting.

Things that have been good:

  • It was benign!
  • The little man made huge strides in his physical and mental development; the talkative girl is really developing her own strong personality.
  • I spent a lot of time cultivating a presence in my professional community and was very successful. I was appointed to some committees, joined two boards and was elected to a position. Success!
  • Outside professional validation from my field – enough said!
  • I’ve found time to read again after a long bout of feeling too tired to try.
  • I added to my wardrobe and decided to be fun again.
  • I rocked some awesome red hear for most of the year.

Things that have been less than good:

  • The big bad tumor and corresponding surgery
  • Out-of-control anxiety and stress
  • Dealing with financial woes
  • The big tree in my front yard is trying to die (although we have enlisted the help of an arborist to try to save it).

Plans for this new year:

  • Continue with the career advancement
  • Grow out my hair and see my natural color for the first time in ten years!
  • Nurture my friendships
  • Updated financial planning

But first, CAKE!cake


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