European Tour

London underground (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Isn’t it weird how random things can just pop into your head on a whim? I don’t know where this memory came from, but it showed in my brain one afternoon.

Just after I graduated high school, I headed off to Europe for one of those over-scheduled, all-you-can-see tours. Five girls + one teacher + three weeks – it was awesome.

Exploring London one afternoon – the first stop on the tour—a distraught blind man popped up on the other side of the street screaming and cursing [as only the British can] about the location of the nearest tube station. Someone helped him and he went on his way. The whole episode only lasted about thirty seconds.

Maybe a week later (really, who can tell on a three-week trip) while roaming the streets of Rome and becoming exceedingly bored because everything was closed, we heard an English-speaking group imitating the angry blind man as they told the story to their friends and laughed.

No doubt, they were on their own over-scheduled, all-you-can-see tour. Small world.


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